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  1. Razmoudah says:

    Errrr…..your centaurs must have very different innards than a horse has in their equine portion. I’m a farm kid originally, and my family breeds horses, it’s extremely bad for them to be on their backs like you have that infant for an extended period of time. In addition, if they do ‘roll-over’ they have to roll back or it can twist their intestines and kill them, it’s very rare to find a full-size horse that won’t suffer that problem (strangely enough most ponies don’t suffer from the problem though, so it might have something for the size their bodies are optimized to grow to, but I don’t know enough on biology to state for sure). Finally, as a general rule a new-born foal gets up on its hooves within a few minutes of being born and starts walking on its own then. Now yes, there would be some differences between horse and centaur, but there is a limit as to how much is believable.

    • As any centaur will tell you (though they might not be so verbal) centaurs are not horses. Horse babies are up on their feet within hours because their survival depends on running. Centaurs (and humans) depend on their brains to survive. Centaur babies are often born with underdeveloped hooves but fully functional brains. While they do share many physiological similarities with ponies (I do ponies because I’m better at drawing them 🙂 ), they are closer physically and culturally to humans. I probably didn’t draw all the organs that need to be there, but I put them in the appropriate places (w/ the exception of the uterus which was hidden behind other bits so I moved it up).

      I gave this a lot of thought, and did a lot of research on mythological and fantastical centaurs, as well as animal and human evolution, and this I thought was the most realistic. But man oh man, there is SO MUCH written on stuff like this by people who can draw better and are better educated than me.

      And I absolutely LOVE discussing stuff like this, btw. Never, ever be afraid to start these discussions, and I have bored my husband to death more than once because he’s the only one who will sit through it to the end.

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