Today’s page is in response to all those teenage boys scattered throughout fantasy literature who never think about girls or have to worry about embarrassing and unwanted subconscious reactions. Nothing annoys me more than writing a character who doesn’t act like a real person should. They render otherwise very good stories completely unreadable for me. I’m looking at you, Leo Tolstoy, Jean M. Auel and J.K. Rowling….

Oh no, it looks like I have Opinions on books.

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  1. Razmoudah says:

    Not to rain on the rant here, but I was one of those teenage boys didn’t suffer from embarrassing and unwanted subconscious reactions. Well, the fact that I still can’t be embarrassed does distort that some, but also the fact that I typically didn’t get aroused (or even think about sex) as much in an entire week as the typical teenage boy does in a single day (heck, in a single hour he nearly bested my week ratios even) also makes a large difference. I actually had a fairly easy time identifying with Harry Potter (since you mentioned J.K. Rowling) because of that, and it’s also the reason I still can’t stomach trying to read a Harlequin novella or most other typical romance stories.

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