Alright, y’all. If I don’t start getting questions I’m gonna start posting My Little Pony and Discworld cross-over crap. You have been warned.

8 Responses to 01-08-09

  1. Norspherato says:

    ummm why is it that shes the only immortal in the group??
    please dont put my little pony up it burns my eyes!!!!!!

  2. Periwinkle - Queen of the Discworld Elves! says:

    If you are going to put Discworld in and you got Beatrix – can I come along and help out? Queen of the Discworld Elves- I am evil mind you and will probably eat the babies/steal the children /get distracted by barbarians ;0)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ceci n’est pas une question. Bring on the ponies!

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