It's a universal rule that as soon as you do something embarrassing, someone will direct attention toward you.

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  1. Rob C. says:

    Sorry to sound like a numb. Is the healer from modern era?

  2. That doesn’t sound dumb. Always ask questions!

    No the healer would be one of the centaur healers in the camp. But they’re pretty darn good. They’re probably about as effective as a modern non-magical doctor as you can get on a primitive world. The only reason they’re not used as physicians in other nations is stupid prejudice.

    The only two “modern” (i.e. space-age) people on this part of the world right now are the two wizards, and perhaps the occasional scientist or escaped convict. And only the scientists have express written permission permission to be there.

  3. Tantz Aerine says:

    Fun expressions- and she doesn’t look to be too trusting of Lysander. Not that I can blame her, heh heh.

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